Suomen Valokuvaterapiayhdistys - A photograph is a mirror with a memory.

The Finnish Phototherapy Association – An Active Promoter in Finland

The aim of the Finnish Phototherapy Association is to promote the use and methods of phototherapy as well as to increase the expertise of phototherapeutic practices in Finland. The Association also seeks to enhance interaction between the fields of health, art and culture through the means of phototherapy.


Phototherapy is the systematic application of photos and photography in psychotherapy and other therapeutic work. Psychotherapists with phototherapeutic training use the methods of phototherapy as part of their own psychotherapeutic framework. The phototherapeutic practices of professionals in the fields of social sciences, health sciences and education focus on prevention, guidance and rehabilitation within mental health work.


All photos on this website are taken by members of the Finnish Phototherapy Association and protected by copyright.


To contact us, please email to valokuvaterapiayhdistys(AT)